n October 2002 Grupo Regido had the desire to succeed and thrive as “Rugido Norteño” which brings them many opportunities and rewards, singing and writing their own songs. They were one of the youngest groups in Culiacan, Sinaloa and slowly bur surely fans began to enjoy their tunes.

The group was distinguish as “Gruperos” who composed songs themselves and interpreted with an original style. With the desire to grow in their career they recorded their first production in 2004 with the title “La Invitacion”.

They were eventually nominated and awarded with “Chispa Musical” where they won as a group revelation in 2006.

Alternating with many artists as grupero scope: Sergio Vega, Miguel yMiguel, Los Nietos, Los Intocables, Julio Chaidez and many more.

In mid 2007 the group gave a tour of their career when they released their promotional single from the fourth production with the name “The z9″ composition vocalist of the group, coming to the taste of Sinaloa and strengthening public his career with his talent.

Thanks to this narco corridos on this issue the public gives band a chance to remain at the taste of people.

In July 2010, they make innovations in the group and change the name and image of the group with the name of their production and release governed entitled “El contenido es el mismo” coming strongly to the taste of people with issues such as: llegando fuertemente al gusto de la gente con temas como : seisimpactos, el oriental, el compa neto, el hijo del licenciado, no me alcanzo, choo choo tren, including starting their new project in the right foot.

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New Soap

A promise made by a tragic event changes their destiny forever, taking it to a fictitious life and find the love of her life … But it is impossible!

Again Telemundo has a great production made in the most beautiful landscapes of Mexico, ‘Rosa Diamante‘, the story of a young woman who decides to accept a life that does not belong, such as inheritance, never imagining that this would be the drama of her own destination.

Starring Carla Hernandez, Mauricio Ochmann and the return of the first actress Lupita Ferrer, it will certainly be a major production that many do not want to miss.

“Rosa Diamante” tells the story of Rosa (Carla Hernandez), a pretty young things of fate that grows in a prestigious boarding school. It’s the same fate that the meeting with Jose Ignacio Altamirano (Mauricio Ochmann) a young womanizer, attractive and intelligent, whom he met through a tragic and unpleasant event. Rosa, is involved in a car accident she was traveling with her best friend, who grew up in the internship and who tragically died. Rosa, destroyed by the death of hes best friend, decides to impersonate her to avoid some situations that happen she would not want to occur and in turn, decides to take revenge on the man she thinks was the cause of the death of hes friend , never imagining it would end up falling for him. Lupita Ferrer, play the role of Rosaura Sotomayor, resentful and arrogant woman, able to lie and pretend without pity or blame, for the sole purpose of manipulating all those around and achieve their goals.

The stellar cast of “Rosa Diamante” includes: Patricio Castillo, Thali Garcia, Claudia Ramirez, Sofia Lama, Manuel Balbi, Begoña Narvaez, Luciana Silveyra, Ofelia Giza and Marco Trevino, among others.

“Rosa Diamante” is a Telemundo original production, conducted entirely in Mexico. The telenovela mexicana is an adaptation of Sandra Velasco Scarpa of the original story written by Enrique Torres and directed by renowned actor and director Miguel Varoni.

The soap comes to the screen on Tuesday July 17th at 8pm.

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Gael Garcia Bernal could star in “Robocop”

Since the new preparation of the movie “Robocop”, it’s rumored that Gael Garcia could give life to one of the protagonists.

According to a portal film, actor of ”Amores Perros” and “La Mala Educacion“ is one of the strongest candidates to embody an astute police, who will be in place by the police Ane Lewis, this time will not be included in the plot.

Besides Gael, Edward Norton, Sean Penn and Rebecca Hall also sound to participate in the Hollywood film, expected to be released middle of next year.

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